To obtain a Thai birth certificate for a Child who was born within Western Canada (within British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon only) other provinces/territories please contact Thai Embassy in Ottawa,  a Thai father or a Thai mother, please submit the following documents :

  • An original large size Canadian Birth Certificate issued by the office of Vital Statistics of Canada and indicating the names of the parents.
  • Photocopy of parent’s Thai Passport or passport of non-thai parent
  • Photocopy of parent’s Thai Identification Card
  • Photocopy of parent’s Marriage Certificate
  • Photocopy of parent’s House Registration (if applicable)
  • Completed Birth Certificate Application Form
  • Completed Legalization Form (Please provide contact number and e-mail address too)
  • If you would like to mail it back, please provide a pre-paid return envelop which include a tracking number
  • Issued free of charge