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Documents required when applying for a passport:

  • Thai Identification Card
  • Thai Birth Certificate (for child)
  • Thai Passport (current one)
  • A registered envelop which include tracking number (if you would like to send passport back by mail)
  • Fee:  65  CAD

Other documents (if applicable):

  • House registration (if applicable)
  • Thai Driver license (if applicable)
  • Certificate of personal name/surname changed
  • Marriage registration certificate
  • Divorce registration certificate
  • Adoption registration certificate

Minors under 20 years of age  require the consent of their parents or legal guardian(s), who must accompany the minor applicant at the passport office. If one of the parents is unable to come, he/she must sign a letter of consent issued by the Thai registration office, which must be presented at the passport office by the other parent

Note:  Applicants must submit their application in person. An appointment is recommended.

 Lost or Stolen Passports:

  • If you lose your Thai passport, report the incident to the local police immediately.
  • A police report is essential before a new passport or a certificate of identity can be issued.
  • If you are visiting Canada temporarily, a certificate of identity will be issued as your travel document.
  • If you are a student or working in Canada and must remain in the country, The Royal Thai Consulate General will issue a new passport, pending approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Documents required when applying for a replacement passport:

  • Reason for new passport and how it was lost or stolen.
  • A police report with case number, case officer’s name, and contact telephone number.
  • Thai Identification Card, Thai Driver License or any Thai documents (if applicable).
  • Photocopy of old passport (if available) and/or passport number.
  • Canadian acceptance number (if applicable) and/or specify type of entry visa including date of validity. If applicant is a student, a letter of certification that includes date of enrollment from the educational institution is required.