Thai community and Royal Thai Consulate-General in Vancouver joined Canada Day parade to celebrate the national day of Canada on 1 July this year in Vancouver.
The parade from Thailand comprised of approximately 160 Thai people who live in Vancouver and nearby cities. In addition to the demonstration of beautiful traditional costumes from different parts of the country, the Thai parade presented the audience with various aspects of Thai culture such as Thai cycle rickshaw, Thai dances, and Thai boxing. The main procession of the Thai parade was beautifully decorated with Thai traditional pattern or Lai Kanok and the theme of this year’s Thai parade is Thai ways of life and the association with water.
Throughout the event, the Thai parade was warmly welcomed by both Canadian and foreign audience on both sides of the streets. The Canadian television channel, SHAW TV, also provided full coverage of the Thai parade since the beginning until the end of the procession and gave many compliments on the Thai parade as well as kind remarks on Thailand.