Ms. Sutthiluck Sa-ngarmangkang, Consul-General of Thailand to Vancouver, together with Mr. Narat Vidyananda, Consul, visited Fort McMurray to participate in the Multicultural EXPO 2016 in Fort McMurray, Alberta, on 13 February 2016. At the EXPO, the Royal Thai Consulate-General and the Thai Community jointly organized an exhibition on Thailand comprising of the display of Thai products and handicrafts, the promotion of Thai tourism, and the demonstration of Thai traditional massage, while the Thai Community also organized the selling of Thai food and drink.
The Multicultural Association, the organizer of the EXPO, also invited the Consul-General to deliver a congratulatory speech on stage where the Thai Community joined the international fashion show showcasing Thai national costumes.
The Multicultural EXPO is an annual event organized at Fort McMurry, Alberta, with the participation of more than 20 nations each year including the First Nations to show case multiculturalism in Canada and to promote mutual understanding.