On Sunday 10th April 2016, Mrs. Sutthiluck Sa-ngarmangkang, Consul-General of Thailand with Royal Thai Consulate-General’s official and staff attended the Songkran Festival at Yanviriya Buddhist Temple in Vancouver and Budhapanyanantarama Temple in Burnaby, BC.
The Consul-General and Thai community joined Thai people worldwide in marking the most important celebration of the Thai new year, the Songkran Ceremony with activities such as Dhamma talk and discussion in Thai and English, chanting and meditation, merit-making, offering
meal to monks, the presentation of robe and donations to monks, show respect to family elders and receive their blessings and pray for near and dear ones who have passed away. Thai community set up Thai food stalls to raise fund for the Temple’s charitable activities.
This Songkran ceremony helps introduce the unique Thainess of hospitality, love and the importance of maintaining strong relationships within families, communities, and Thai society’s close ties with Buddhism to all Thai, Canadian, and foreign participants of the event.