To apply for a Thai citizen’s death certificate (withing British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon only) , the applicant’s relationship to the deceased must be as a household member, such as a son, daughter, parent, spouse, or close relative, please submit the following documents:

  • Completed Death Certificate Form
  • Completed Legalization Application Form
  • Photocopy Canadian Death Certificate and notarized by Notary Public
  • Thai Identification Card, House Registration (if applicable) and Thai Passport of the deceased
  • (Thai national): Thai Identification Card, and Thai Passport of of the applicant, (Non-Thai): photocopy of Non-Thai Passport and notarized by Notary Public
  • A letter size return pre-paid envelop (if you would like to send back by mail)

For non-thai documents: need to notarized by Notary Public


Please contact us at: 604-687-1143 or email: