On 28 July 2015, the Thai Government launched the “Multiple Entry Tourist Visa (METV)” scheme. This new scheme, published in the Royal Gazette on 14 September 2015, is an addition to the already existing sixty (60) days tourist visa, and will be effective from 13 November 2015 onwards.
The METV is available to tourists of all nationalities. Applicants can apply for the METV at all Thai Embassies, Consulates-General as well as Honorary Consulates worldwide. The application fee is 250 CAD, with a visa validity of six (6) months and the duration of stay of up to sixty (60) days per visit.

The METV will, in effect, replace the tourist visas previously issued for double and triple entries which will be no longer available by November 13, 2015.

Multiple-Entry (METV):

  • Passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months. The passport must be valid for travelling to Thailand.
  • Visa application form completely filled out for each passport
  • One recent official passport photograph of the applicant taken within six months of application
  • An applicant has a permanent resident/a permit of stay in Canada
  • A copy of a bank statement showing a deposit of the amount equal to no less than 200,000 (Baht) per person or 400,000 (Baht) per family
  • A copy of round-trip ticket or itinerary for at least the first trip
  • A copy of hotel reservation for at least the first trip

Visa Hours (for Drop off and Pick up)

  • Day:   Monday – Friday (except holidays)
  • Hours:   10.00 hrs. – 12.30 hrs.


Visa Fees:

  • Transit Visa $45 CAD per entry
  • Single-Entry Tourist Visa $50 CAD 
  • Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa $250 CAD
  • Non-Immigrant Visa (valid 3 months – single entry) $100 CAD
  • Non-Immigrant Visa (valid 1 year – multiple entry) $250 CAD


30-Day stay without a Visa:

Holders of regular Canadian passports are not required to obtain a visa before entering Thailand as long as they are entering Thailand for tourism purposes, and the length of the stay in Thailand is in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Canadian passport holders arriving by Air for tourism purposes may enter Thailand for up to 30 days without requiring a visa.
  • Canadian passport holders arriving overland/water from neighbouring countries for tourism purposes may enter Thailand for up to 15 days without requiring a visa.
  • In addition, you must have: a valid passport in good condition (with at least 6-months validity and empty visa pages), proof of confirmed air tickets confirming the 30 days-or-less stay in Thailand, no criminal history in Thailand, and at least $200 per person or $400 per family.
  • Extension of stay will not be granted.
  • Those holding Travel Documents for aliens (such as an alien passport or C.I.) have to apply for visa.


Additional Information: