COE Online Registration from below link:

1. Copy of passport page
2. A copy of your Thai visa (if already expired, you have to apply for a new one)
3. Letter from health insurance which covers COVID related medical treatment and coverage of no less than 100,000 USD, covering the whole intended period of stay. In case that the applicant intends to stay in the Kingdom for more than one year, the health insurance should cover at least the period of one year.
4. A copy of a hotel booking for Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) at one of the hotels approved by the Thai authorities (
5. Flight ticket

What you need to present at airlines check-in counter and upon arrival in Thailand:
1. The Certificate of Entry
2. Medical certificate with a laboratory result using RT-PCR test indicating that COVID -19 is not detected. Such COVID-19 test result must be issued no more than 72 hours before departure
3. Copy of your insurance policy which covers COVID and no less than 100,000 USD
4. Copy of your confirmed booking at an ASQ hotel
5. T.8 form

This registration is the application of Certificate of Entry (COE) only. The system is not related to visa application. If you have yet to receive a valid Thai visa, please contact Royal Thai Consulate-General in Vancouver for visa application at least 7 – 15 working days before the expected date of travel.
Before registration, applicants should prepare files of required documents in .pdf or .jpeg version to upload to the system.

More Information: